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A1. FANTASTIC TV (domestic Free TV licensee, which has Free TV Channels, including HOY TV) is currently broadcasting two Free TV channels 76,77 and 78 through CABLE TV’s fixed network over the past years and a significant increase on the population coverage can be achieved after the deployment of Free-to-Air TV spectrum broadcasting.

A2. Channel: 22; Frequency: 482MHz

A3. The first stage of signal launch was on 01-Apr-22, with coverage of approximately 75% of population in Hong Kong. In Sep-22, the coverage had been increased to 99%.

[Remark: Please see the detailed coverage areas of all DTT stations HERE]

A4. TV channels 76,77 and 78 are currently embedded in CABLE TV’s fixed network and providing services to most of the residential / commercial buildings in HK. Thus, many households including the subscribers or non-subscribers of CABLE TV can receive TV channels 76,77 and 78 on their TV sets / DTT receivers. In addition, this fixed network service will continue to run in parallel with the spectrum services.

A5. CABD system refers to a system installed at a housing estate or multi-storey building to receive free-to-air broadcasting signals transmitted via radio spectrum and distribute them to individual households.

IBCCDS refers to a coaxial cable system installed inside a housing estate or multi-storey building for distributing and relaying signals for telecommunications, broadcasting and security services. It may include CABD system, Satellite Master Antenna TV system, closed circuit TV system, cable TV system or any combination of these.

In general, if you have not installed a self-provided TV antenna and you are connecting your TV set / digital terrestrial television (DTT) receiver to a TV wall socket, you are very likely using the CABD system / IBCCDS installed in the building you reside in for TV reception.

[Remark: The definitions of CABD and IBCCDS are referred to OFCA’s web page.]

A6. If you are able to watch TV channels 76,77 and 78 now, it means you are receiving our fixed network services. You can leave it receiving the current fixed network signal as it is. However, we highly recommend you to rescan your TV set / DTT receiver to receive both signals.

[Remark: Please see the TV programme channel auto scanning method HERE]

A7. If you are watching TV channels 76,77 and 78 without rescanning the TV programme channel in your TV set / DTT receiver, it implies that you are receiving fixed network services. If you perform a channel rescan (Remark: A signal with stronger signal strength would be selected by TV sets / DTT receivers), you can press “EPG” button on your remote control and for the TV channels being transmitted over spectrum should have a particular EPG page with an additional “*” marked besides the cells (e.g. *香港國際財經台, *HOY TV, *HOY資訊台). Thus, the viewers can distinguish between two signals (fixed network or spectrum) instantly with this mark.

A8. You can rescan the TV programme channels using Auto or Manual scan in your TV set / DTT receiver to see if TV channels 76,77 and 78 are listed in the program page after rescanned. If not, you may check the coverage area to see if the place where you are living has been covered by one of the DTT stations.

[Remark: Please see the detailed coverage areas of all DTT stations HERE]

In addition, please stay tuned to the announcement of your building management offices / incorporated owners (BMOs / IOs) for the arrangement of the relevant CABD system / IBCCDS reconfiguration, and whether rescanning of digital TV programme channels on your TV set / DTT receiver is required after the system reconfiguration.

A9. For any enquiry about FANTASTIC TV’s Free-to-Air TV spectrum broadcasting and reception issues, please visit our website for more information, or please contact our hotline at 2112 0678 or email to [email protected].

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